As we make significant strides in the field of Science and Technology, it becomes increasingly clear that programs like KAMP are not just beneficial but absolutely essential. The rising aspirations of Indian youth underscore the importance of initiatives like these, which serve as powerful motivators. They have the potential to ignite the scientific curiosity of students and, in the long run, foster a culture of innovation in our nation.

- Dr. Jitendra Singh
(Hon’ble Minister Of State (I/C),
Minister Of Science And Technology & Vice President, CSIR)
(Addressing at KAMP Pratibhaotsav on Sep 6th, 2023)

NEP 2020 marks a big change in education, helping each child/student find what they're good at. This revolutionary policy focuses on integrative education, holistic knowledge, and experiential learning, steering away from rote methods. Recognizing the pivotal role of assessment in shaping children's learning experiences, we stress the imperative for every child to have opportunities to showcase and develop their innate abilities.

- Shri Sanjay Kumar
Secretary, Department of School Education & Literacy
Ministry of Education
(Addressing at KAMP Pratibhaotsav on Sep 6th, 2023)

In a nation with a population of 1.4 billion, approximately 10% must be school-going children, yet many lack access to quality education. Numerous villages face a shortage of teachers and essential educational resources, leading students to attend school primarily for midday meals rather than learning. We need to find great teachers and make teaching a more appealing job to fix the education system. Our main aim is to make sure everyone gets a good education.

- Prof. Rakesh Bhatnagar
National Science Chair,
Jawaharlal Nehru University
(Addressing at KAMP Pratibhaotsav on Sep 6th, 2023)

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